Probably a one off, but nice!!

By: Amateur Astro-Photography

Mar 05 2013

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Our Garden Cottage

After feeling so ill these past few days and after another night on the sofa with the (please excuse the bad language) BASTARD DOG FROM HELL whinging and crying every hour on the hour, it was so nice to see the light coming through the curtains this morning.

I say (apologies again) BASTARD DOG, but he really is a sweetheart. just likes to know that he is not alone……….ever.

He sleeps in a cage next to my bed downstairs and as my sleeping 2x 700ml sleeping tablets and 5ml diazipan don’t seem to work any more, it is usually around 2 am before I even start feeling sleepy. Guaranteed though after 30 minutes sleep he starts panicking and crying to make sure he is not alone, so I have to speak to him quietly and gently to reassure him that he is not alone.

We will only have the dog for a week…

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